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2014 Los Angeles and Phoenix Music Awards Category Nominees

Final nominee list for the 24th Annual Event Program

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  Singer/Songwriters of the Year
The Mark Vigil
Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year

1. MK Ultra
2. Shawn Michael Perry
3. Jack Tracy
4. Erik Anders
5. Michael Mazochi
6. Cory M. Coons
7. Ry Bradley

Female Singer/Songwriter
1. Shyla Day
2. Stacy Robin
3. Katie Cole
4. Katherine Farnham
5. Jacqui Ehden Stone
6. Gemma Bishop
7. Stefani Rose
  Albums of the Year
Record of the Year
1. MK Ultra: "Documentation"
2. The Von Furs: Love and Taxidermy
3. Lourdes Duque Baron: "Feeling Good at Any Age"
4. Katie Cole: "Lay It All Down"
5. Cory M. Coons: "Share A Little Time"
6. Denzon: "Shoot From The Hip"
7. V2: "We Are V2"
Rock Album
1. Galvanized Souls:  "Self Titled Debut Release"
2. Bridgework:   "Every Now and Then"
3. Lost In Atlantis: "Lover Freak"
4. The Chasen Project: "Hats Off to Rock n' Roll"
5. American Greed: "American Greed" 
6. Dirty Cakes Band: "Never Alone"
7. V2 :  "We Are V2"
Pop Album
1. Matthew John: "Here And Now"
2. Project Dirty: "Blue Fire"
3. Wiltay: "WTF"
4. We The Ghost: "The Kids Can't Dance"
Americana Album
1. Stacy Robin: "Reach"
2. Phil Celia: "Circus Town"
3. Monica Beal: "Little Lullabies"
4. Katie Cole: "Lay It All Down"
5. Calico The Band: "Rancho California"
Hot AC Album
1. Shawn Michael Perry: "Only The Brave: Special      Edition"
2. Stacy Robin: "All The Way Home"
3. Joanna Pearl: "Sensitive Material"
Instrumental Album
1. Duo Del Sol: "Hello Kaleidoscope"
2. Charles Ecker: "Speechless" -- Various Artists
3. Stefano Gargiulo: "Netherworld" 
4. Luigi Pulcini: "Just Love"
5. Mark Barnes: "Storm Of Solace"
Artists and Bands of the Year
Rock Artist
1. Bonedust
2. Ashley Krouse
3. Cheating Daylight
4. Craze Fontaine
5. American Greed
6. Denzon
7. V2
Pop Artist Male
1. Matthew John
2. Peter Chun
3. Project Dirty
4. Wiltay
5. DC Harding
Pop Artist Female
1. Mahkenna
2. Jessica Amaro
3. Natalie Jean
4. Angel Berry
5. Cristina Quinones
6. Amber Renee
7. Vanessa Lavoie
The Christopher P. Ellis
Country Artist of the Year

1. The C.R. Ecker Band
2. Caleche Ryder
3. Calico The Band
4. Ry Bradley
5. Sheyna Gee
6. Stefani Rose
Hot AC Artist
1. Bruce Lev
2. Red Light Challenge
3. Exit North
4. Anders - Royal
5. Joanna Pearl
Instrumental Artist
1. Black Raven
2. Duo Del Sol
3. Mark Barnes
4. Luca Amitrano
5. Simone Cilio
Jazz Artist
1. Bob DeSena
2. Billie Davies
3. Richard Winzeler
4. Douglas Cameron
Electronica / Dance Artist
1. Cameron Neilson
2. BP Major
3. Hitarda
4. Heiress To Atlas
5. April Diamond
Hip Hop Artist
1. Jonezen
2. Shaheed
3. TA$K 1
Hard Rock Band
1. Punch Cabbie
3. Spiral Trance
4. Dirty Cakes Band
5. Edge Of Paradise
6. V2
Americana, Blues & Roots Artist
1. Marirose
2. Phil Celia
3. 100Doors
4. Katherine Farnham
5. Arlo Hannigan
International Artist or Band
1. David Osborne:  United States
2. Antonio Roccia:  Salerno, Italy
3. Jon Mullane: Nova Scotia, Canada
4. BP Major: "Sydney, Australia"
5. Wiltay: "Singapore, Asia"
6. Angel Berry: "Calgary, Alberta,    Canada"
7. Srinivas Bhamidipati: Mumbai, India
Musical Group
1. Calico The Band
2. Bonedust
3. We The Ghost
4. Phil Celia Band
5. Patrick Carrico Band
Solo Performer
1. Jonezen
2. Bruce Lev
3. 100Doors
4. Katherine Farnham
5. Craze Fontaine
6. Bob DeSena
7. Djoir Jordan
Tribute Artist of the Year
1. Kenny Metcalf as Elton
2. Hollywood U2
3. Petty Fever
4. Led ZepAgain
Live Performer
1. Gary Lee: In The Midst 777
2. Melanie Taylor
3. Cheating Daylight
4. Yolanda and the Stolen Boys
6. Frank Murray-Petty Fever
7. V2
 Singles of the Year
Rock Single
1. Cheating Daylight: "Anywhere But Home"
2. Brobst: "Sheila's Rise To Fame"
3. Phoenix Patriot Band: "Never Quit " (Clear The Way)
4. Denzon: "Shoot From The Hip"
5. V2: "Long Live Rock n Roll"
Country Single
1.  The C.R. Ecker Band: "Dear Lord"
2. Sean Ward: "Strong"
3. Calico The Band: "Run Away Cowgirl"
4. Caleche Ryder: "West Coast Cowgirl"
5. Sheyna Gee: "Bar Stool"
6. Patrick Carrico Band: "Barfly"
7. Ry Bradley: "Freedom Like This"

Pop Single
1. Mahkenna: "Paint me A Blue Sky"
2. Shyla Day: "Kiss Me"
3. Jessica Amaro: "Body and Soul"
4. DC Harding: "Not Up To You"
5. Djoir Jordan: "Partypocalypse"
6. Cristina Quinones: "Don't Go"
7. Stephanie K: "High Like"

Hot AC Single
1. Shawn Michael Perry: "Family"
2. Gemma Bishop: "Midnight"
3. Exit North: "Starving"
4. Jack Tracy: "California Beaches"
5. Anders - Royal: "Run To You"
Electronica / Dance Single
1. Cameron Neilson: "All Equal On The Dance Floor"
2. BP Major: "Major Party"
3. Hitarda: "Draw Me In"
4. Heiress To Atlas: "Heliotrope"
5. April Diamond "Lose Control"
Producer, Guitarist and Artist and Social Media Artist of the Year
Producer of the Year
1. Bill Scott
2. Daniel Martin
3. Kevin Yamada
4. Leslie Egerer
5. Kat Zee
Guitarist of the Year
1. John Renaud
2. Dan Crenshaw
3. Jim Maropoulos
4. Alejandro Rowinsky
5. Michael G.: Mr. Creepy
6. Johnny T.
7. Vittorio: V2
Social Media Artist of the Year
1. Stacy Robin
2. Galvanized Souls
3. Heiress To Atlas
4. Patrick Carrico Band  as
5. Melissa Rebronja
Vocalists of the Year ~ Music Video  of the Year
Male Vocalist
1. Phil Celia
2. Arlo Hannigan
3. Michele Daniel Attardo
4. Mark Chasen
5. Gordon Montgomery
Female Vocalist
1. Victoria Celestine
2. Melanie Taylor
3. Ashley Krouse
4. Kenzie Mae
5. Stephanie K
6. Joanna Pearl
7. Amber Renee
Music Video
1. ST. MADNESS: "Drowning On Air"
2. Punch Cabbie: "Sentience"
3. Lost In Atlantis: "Hypnotic"
4. Jon Mullane: "Any Other Way"
5. Wiltay: "Less Is More"
6. Ry Bradley: "Freedom Like This"
7. Breanna Kennedy: "She's Falling"
  Producer's Choice Recipients
Angelo Borer & The Crazy Feet Company: "International Dance Duo"
John Renaud: "D.I.Y. Album of the Year"
Lourdes Duque Baron: "Breakthrough Album of the Year"
Angel Berry: "International 18 & Under Artist of the Year"
Breanna Kennedy:: "Breakthrough Artist of the Year"
Megan Tibbits: Special Achievement "Live Television Performance"
Dan Crenshaw and Garden Of Eden :"National Touring Artist of the Year"
Freddie Salem: "Career Achievement Session and Touring Musician"
Patrick Hicks: "Lifetime Achievement Music Instruction & Education"
The Chasen Project: "Rock Duo of the Year"

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