Los Angeles Music Awards

2013 Los Angeles and Phoenix Music Awards Category Nominees
Singer/Songwriters of the Year
The Mark Vigil
Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year

1. Michael Hickam
2. Gary Lee
3. Brobst
4. Maruen Murra
5. John Lacy: Deep Fryd

Female Singer/Songwriter

1. Angela Mukul
2. Brooke Rose
3. Nadia LanFranconi
4. Megan Tibbits
5. Katie Cole
Albums of the Year
Record of the Year
1. Katie Cole: “Lost Inside a Moment”
2. Volume 1: The Big Ol' Nasty Get Down
3. Stevie Hawkins: “What The Funk”
4. Charlotte Hannon: "What The Funk?"
5. Jimmy Lee Young: “Great Spirit”
6. Aoede: “Skeletons of the Muse”
Rock Album
1. Jon Magnificent: “Another Day”
2. Debra Magone: “Alternate Realities”
3. Jay Gordon & Blues Venom: “No Cure”
4. Cheating Daylight: “All We Know”
5. Akron: debut self-titled album “Akron”
Pop Album
1. Me and Mr. Cassidy: “ I Would Love You So”
2. Dezmond Meeks: “Cinderfella”
3. Shyanne: “Like You Want”
4. Krystle Khan: "Turning It Up"
Country Album
1. Brandon Shepard: “Let's Get Dirty'
Hot AC Album
1. John Enghauser: “Reality”
2. John Cannon: Self Titled Debut Release
3. Jon Mullane: “Shine”
4. Michael Annotti: Self Debut Release
5. Ofir Engle: “Task of Mind”
Americana Album
1. Moon Alice
2. Megan Tibbits: :When Life Is So”
3. Marirose: “Under My Skin”
4. Dawn Shipley: “Step It Up”
Instrumental Album
1. Giuseppina Torre
2. Other Mother Brother Band: OMBB
3. Mark Barnes: “Chill Out Christmas”
4. Sweet Earth: Self Titled Debut Release
5. Daniel Llorente Rey: “Cuentos Sonoros”
Artists and Bands of the Year
Rock Artist

1. In The Midst 777
2. Cheating Daylight
3. Brooke Rose
4. Original Sinner
5. Lannie Flowers

Pop Artist Male

1. Sir Castanon
2. Sir Brett Hunt
3. Malachi Cohen
4. Dezmond Meeks
5. Lannie Flowers

Pop Artist Female

1. Taylen
2. Torrey Mercer
3. Stephanie K.
4. Virginia Bright
5. Shyanne
  The Christopher P. Ellis
Country Artist of the Year

1. Sean Ward
2. Rylie Brown
3. Glitter Rose
4. Nadia LanFranconi
5. Andru Phillips
Hot AC Artist
1. Tom Slack
2. Randy Gibson
3. Michael Hickam
4. John Enghauser
5. Jon Mullane
Instrumental Artist
1. Other Mother Brother Band
2. Black Raven
3. Mark Barnes
4. David Osborne
5. John Smith & Daja
  Jazz Artist
1. Jacnique
2. Katherine Farnham
3. Cliff Beach
4. Billie Davies
5. John Smith & Daja
Electronica / Dance Artist
1. Lora McHugh
2. Abby Cubey
3. Yulianna
4. Stephy Kenzie
5. Hitarda
Urban Music Artist
1. Stevie Hawkins
2. Cliff Beach
3. Sedona Music Group
4. Wadell Jones
5. Richie Alexander
  Hip Hop Artist
1. Jonezen
2. Bennie Garza
3. Slice The DMV
4. Infinite Ryda's
Americana, Blues & Roots Artist
1. Marirose
2. Crimson Blues
3. Moon Alice
4. Dawn Shipley
5. Ofir Engel
International Artist or Band
1. Juan Francisco Zerpa: Miranda, Venezuela
2. Giuseppina Torre: Rome, Italy
3. Monkey Nuts Music: London, UK
4. Yulianna: Moscow, Russia
5. Calico: Los Angeles, California USA
  Hard Rock Band
1. American Greed
2. Bonedust
3. Alan Fox Band
4. Original Sinner
5. Rooftop Revolutionaries
Musical Group
1. Bonedust
2. Kiss Electrik Band
3. Solspeak
4. Moon Alice
5. Alan Fox Band
Solo Performer
1. Smokey Miles
2. Sir Brett Hunt
3. Brobst
4. D'London
5. Justin Johnson
  Tribute Band of the Year
1. Atomic Punks
2. The Moby Dicks
3. Kenny Metcalf as Elton
4. Colour My World
5. Petty Fever
Singles of the Year
  Rock Single
1. Solspeak: “A Million Miles Away”
2. Jon Benton Macinder: “You Should Be With Me”
3. Cheating Daylight: “Road To Somewhere”
4. Frank Palangi: “I Am Ready”
5. Undermine: “Mirrors Tell Lies”
Country Single
1. Brandon Shepard: “Amen”
2. Rylie Brown: “Perfect 10”
3. Glitter Rose: “Tennessee Time”
4. Nadia LanFranconi: “I Will Follow”
5. Andru Phillips: "Finally Famous"
  Pop Single
1. Feva Mode: “TFG”
2. Torrey Mercer: “Looking Glass”
3. Angela Mukul: “Free”
4. Me and Mr. Cassidy: “Wherever You Go”
5. Stephanie K.: “Twisted”
Hot AC Single
1. Mykell: “Among The Stars”
2. Katherine Farnham: “My Shoes Are Leaking”
3. Abi Ann: “Silence”
4. Tom Slack: “ Let It Be Me”
5. Jon Mullane: “New American Girl”
  Electronica / Dance Single
1. Lora McHugh: “Wolf in Sheepskin”
2. Abby Cubey: “Feel My Fire”
3. Dezmond Meeks: “Top Of The World”
4. Lakotah: “Falling”
5. DJ Trevi: “No Way Out”
Producer, Guitarist and Artist and Social Media Artist of the Year
Producer of the Year
1. Sam Johnides
2. Brad Mercer
3. Ken Tayloe
4. Leslie Egerer
5. Brian Basmajian
Guitarist of the Year
1. Julian Saint Jon
2. Donnie Pendleton
3. Brad Marsh
4. Single Touch
5. Philip Sandoval
Social Media Artist of the Year
1. Angela Mukul
2. Me and Mr. Cassidy
3. Jonezen
4. Lannie Flowers
5. Megan Tibbits
Producer's Choice Recipients
  Mahkenna: National 18 and Under Award for Musical Excellence
Douglas Cameron: National Crooner of the Year
Solspeak: Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Lannie Flowers: Breakthrough Video of the Year: "Another Weekend"
: National Touring Artist of the Year
David Longoria: Career Achievement Instrumentalist
Olga Korbut: Lifetime Achievement, Visual Arts
Tehrah: Community Inspiration Award
MK Ultra: Live Performer of the Year
St. Madness: Metal Album of the Year: "Carnimetal"
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